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I come from a family of artists - my mother is an interior designer and my father is a woodworker and musician, so I have always been surrounded by music and art. They instilled in me an interest in the connection between the two, and I often use music as a tool to connect to a piece of theatre.


Theatre, to me, is an incredibly intimate and exciting art form. Some of the most engaging and emotional experiences of my life have been in the theatre, and I hope to create atmospheres and spaces that can help provide those experiences for others. I also love working on new work that pushes the boundaries of what we expect to see in the theater, and I hope to continue to learn and better understand this art form more and more.


I'm currently based in New York, and I am working on getting my MFA at NYU. Some of my recent work includes lighting design for The Hypochondriac at NYU and The Twenty-Sided Tavern at the DR2 Theater.


Outside of theatre, I am interested in modern and pop art, and I really enjoy getting lost in a good book - at the moment I am getting through The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. 


Please feel free to say hi down below or at my instagram @shanemhennessy - I would love to connect!


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