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Phaedra's Love - Director: Danica Selem

The Hypochondriac - Director: Mark Brokaw


Henry 6: Civil Wars - Director: Kathryn Walsh

All We Know of Love and Fire - Director: Hayley Goldenberg

How I Disappeared - Director: Tianding He 

SMUTA - Director: Gabrielle Carrubba

The Process - Director: Danica Selem

Harlem & Moscow - Director: Wes Goodrich

Moonshiner - Director: Danica Selem


Blues for an Alabama Sky - Director: Carl Cofield

The Twenty-Sided Tavern - Creative: David Andrew Greener Laws, Sarah Reynolds, David Carpenter

Love (Among Dreamers) - Director: Phoebe Brooks

Interscope - Choreographers: Chiemi Ip, Londyn Alexander, Peyton Brewster

The Woman & The Banana Tree - Director: Danica Selem



\ - Choreographer: Lo Poppy

In - Choreographer: Anya Susan

Subtext - Director: Lilla Brody
The Last Hurricane - Director: Anna Schultz


Saturday Morning Cartoons w/ Cereal - Director: Maya Davis

Marisol - Director: Wendy Dann
Skeleton Crew - Director: Dean Robinson
Testosterone - Director: Sam Buggeln

Ugly Lies the Bone (Lighting & Scenic) - Director: Alexa Picharello

Twelfth Night (Scenic Design) - Director: Catherine Weidener

Cabaret - Director: Catherine Weidener



All's Well That Ends Well - LD: Ryan Marsh

Various Projects 2020-22 - Rob Ross Design / Studio RRD

Project 892 - LD: Kristen Paige
Movers & Shakers - LD: Natasha Rotondaro
The Karamazovs - LD: Oona Curley

One Sky - LD: Rui Rita
A Raisin in the Sun (2nd Assistant) - LD: Alex Jainchill

Ragtime (Assistant Scenic Design) - SD: Steve TenEyck

Twelfth Night (Assistant Scenic Design) - SD: Steve TenEyck


MFA Candidate: New York University - Class of 2024

BFA Cum Laude - Theatre Production Arts - Ithaca College 

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